The Proem framework is currently in the very early stages of development and as such is still in what would be considered very much a pre-alpha stage. The framework will be considered such all the way through the 0.x.x milestones.

This fact alone should create great incentive for people who want to get in on the ground floor and help out with a modern MVC framework that utilises some of the newest features of PHP.

Getting involved

Getting involved is easy.

  • Fork the framework
  • Commit changes to your fork
  • Send a pull request

Our issue tracker is on Github at, pick a ticket and resolve it. If there is something you want to work on and a ticket doesn't exist for it yet, create one.

If you want to have a chat about some functionality, bug or feature, join us in the #proem channel on freenode.

Just be aware before contributing, that we have a few simple guidelines.

Developer guidelines

  • All pull requests should have a related issue in the issue tracker.
  • All pull requests should be made within a self contained branch created specifically for this feature.
  • All code should have accompanying and passing unit tests.
  • All code should be formatted and commented in a way that is consistent with the existing code base.

At this early stage I'm not going to get into the nitty gritty of coding standards and proposal guidelines. Just keep things consistent and similar to what already exists.

Be aware that not all pull requests will be excepted as is. Some will provoke discussion. They will however, all be looked at.

Git branching model

Currently we employ the Git branching model described by Vincent Driessen in his excellent blog post here.

There is a condensed version of this guide in the root of the repo (

Tools of the trade

To work on Proem you will need:

Who can get involved?

First and foremost, Proem is meant to make our lives easier, it's meant to be fun. If your looking at this page and thinking it all looks to hard, don't. If you want to get involved but aren't sure where to start, get in contact. I'm a pretty easy going guy and am always willing to help.